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Management Committee 2018-2019

PositionNameMobile telephoneHome telephoneEmail
ChairmanDavid Vale01543
Vice ChairDavid Cooper07540
League SecretaryAlberta Wood07958 536532 (after 6pm only)
TreasurerClyde Redfern01922
Assistant SecretaryClyde Redfern01922
FinesJudy White07947 21315601902
Disciplinary SecretaryDavid Vale01543
Child Welfare OfficerJanet Flynn07737 12538901902
Mini-Soccer Fixture/Co-ordinatorPaul Chamberlain01922
Referees SecretaryAlistair Smith07910
Assistant Referees SecretaryNicola Cattell07873 417478
Advisor For Registrations and TransfersBecky Davies07758923809
Fixtures Secretary U15Kevin Bishop07429 157508
Fixtures Secretary U11 - U17David Cooper07540
League OfficerBrian Coles07956
Cup Co-ordinatorLynn Redfern01922
Fixture Secretary U17Helen Bishop07403
Age Group Secretary U16Darren Coley07807
Age Group Secretary U15Hayley Farren07751
Age Group Secretary U14Wayne Smith07936
Age Group Secretary U13Mark Jessop07951 893263 (after 4pm only)
Age Group Secretary U12Hazel Culshaw07719 287593
Age Group Secretary U11Rodger Reynolds07772
Web Site and Social Media OfficerIan
Development OfficerGavin Barrow07995
League OfficerRobert Flynn01902
League OfficerHayley Farren07518
Coach EducationGareth Cowley07979
League OfficerMartin Davies07403
Age Group Secretary U17Helen Bishop07403
Marketing and SponsorshipDavid Cooper07540
Web Site and Social Media OfficerCraig Lefevre07545
League OfficerMatt Thompson07939 129864
Assistant Disciplinary SecretaryClyde Redfern01922
Assistant Disciplinary SecretaryDavid Cooper07540
Fixture Secretary U11Rodger Reynolds07772
Fixtures Secretary U12David Cooper07540
Fixtures Secretary U13John Lawson07534
Fixtures Secretary U14Lee Baker07764 733860
Fixtures Secretary U16Darren Coley07807
Mini Soccer RegistrationsPaul Chamberlain01922
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