Under 10’s Fixtures

WJYFL Mini Fixtures for 11th & 18th March

Hello Everyone,

please find attached the revised fixtures following the postponed games last week-end.

Please note the following:

  • Under 7’s and Under 8’s fixtures from the 4th March will now be played on the 18th March. This will complete the trophy event.
  • Under 7’s and Under 8’s fixtures at the Shelfield Mini Soccer Centre have been brough forward by half an hour. First kick off will be at 9:00pm.
  • Under 9’s fixtures at Shelfield (Group Hunt) for the 11th and 18th March have now got later kick off times and will be played on the 3g surface. First kick off will be at 12:00pm

Thank You


Paul Chamberlain

WJYFL Mini Soccer Coordinator

Under 10’s
League BallLeague CharltonLeague Hurst
Brewood JuniorsBilston SportsCannock Town Colts
Colron BoysCresswell WanderersFC Premier Colts
Four Oaks TornadoesFour Oaks PanthersGreat Barr Harriers
Phoenix UnitedHoly NameHuntington Harriers
Sutton Utd PanthersLane Head LionsLane Head Pythons
Sutton Utd PumasNew Park VillageMahal FC Warriors
Walsall Phnx PanthersNorton CanesPelsall Villa Colts
Walsall Wd AFCSneyd All Strs TigersTipton Panthers
Walsall Wd AllstarsSporting KhalsaWyrley Jnrs Panthers
Wednesfield AcesTipton TownWyrley Jnrs Pumas
Wednesfield WolvesWalsall Phnx TigersWyrley Jnrs Spartans
League MooreLeague Wilson
AFC WillenhallLane Head PumasBeacon Lions FCRising Stars FC
Beechdale JuniorsPelsall Villa Clts LionsBeacon Lions JnrsSilverdale Lions
Bustlehome ColtsSedgley White Lions E.Brownhills CC RedsSneyd All Stars Harriers
Colron AcesSilverdale JFCFC NewlandsTipton Youth
Cresswll Wdrs AllstarsWyrley Jnrs Red DevilsFC PremierWalsall Wd Saints
Hamstead DiamondsWyrley Jnrs TigersFour Oaks WarriorsWyrley Jnrs All Stars
Date VenueGroupKick OffPitchFixture
25/02/2018Oak Park10Ball8:40 AM1Sutton Utd PumasVWalsall Phnx Panthers
25/02/2018Oak Park10Ball8:40 AM2Colron BoysVFour Oaks Tornadoes
25/02/2018Oak Park10Ball8:40 AM3Walsall Wd AFCVWalsall Wd Allstars
25/02/2018Oak Park10Ball8:40 AM4Phoenix UnitedVSutton Utd Panthers
25/02/2018Oak Park10Ball9:20 AM1Brewood JuniorsVWednesfield Wolves
25/02/2018Oak Park10Ball9:20 AM2Four Oaks TornadoesVPhoenix United
25/02/2018Oak Park10Ball9:20 AM3Walsall Wd AllstarsVWednesfield Aces
25/02/2018Oak Park10Ball9:20 AM4Sutton Utd PanthersVSutton Utd Pumas
25/02/2018Oak Park10Ball10:00 AM1Brewood JuniorsVColron Boys
25/02/2018Oak Park10Ball10:00 AM2Wednesfield AcesVWednesfield Wolves
25/02/2018Oak Park10Ball10:00 AM3Walsall Phnx PanthersVWalsall Wd AFC
04/03/2018Oak Park10Ball8:40 AM1Walsall Wd AllstarsVWednesfield Wolves
04/03/2018Oak Park10Ball8:40 AM2Phoenix UnitedVSutton Utd Pumas
04/03/2018Oak Park10Ball8:40 AM3Four Oaks TornadoesVSutton Utd Panthers
04/03/2018Oak Park10Ball8:40 AM4Brewood JuniorsVWednesfield Aces
04/03/2018Oak Park10Ball9:20 AM1Colron BoysVPhoenix United
04/03/2018Oak Park10Ball9:20 AM2Sutton Utd PanthersVWalsall Phnx Panthers
04/03/2018Oak Park10Ball9:20 AM3Walsall Wd AFCVWednesfield Aces
04/03/2018Oak Park10Ball9:20 AM4Brewood JuniorsVFour Oaks Tornadoes
04/03/2018Oak Park10Ball10:00 AM2Colron BoysVWednesfield Wolves
04/03/2018Oak Park10Ball10:00 AM3Walsall Phnx PanthersVWalsall Wd Allstars
04/03/2018Oak Park10Ball10:00 AM4Sutton Utd PumasVWalsall Wd AFC
11/03/2018Oak Park10Ball8:40 AM1Brewood JuniorsVWalsall Wd Allstars
11/03/2018Oak Park10Ball8:40 AM2Phoenix UnitedVWalsall Phnx Panthers
11/03/2018Oak Park10Ball8:40 AM3Sutton Utd PanthersVWalsall Wd AFC
11/03/2018Oak Park10Ball8:40 AM4Four Oaks TornadoesVWednesfield Wolves
11/03/2018Oak Park10Ball9:20 AM1Walsall Wd AFCVWednesfield Wolves
11/03/2018Oak Park10Ball9:20 AM2Sutton Utd PumasVWalsall Wd Allstars
11/03/2018Oak Park10Ball9:20 AM3Colron BoysVSutton Utd Panthers
11/03/2018Oak Park10Ball9:20 AM4Walsall Phnx PanthersVWednesfield Aces
11/03/2018Oak Park10Ball10:00 AM1Colron BoysVWednesfield Aces
11/03/2018Oak Park10Ball10:00 AM2Brewood JuniorsVPhoenix United
11/03/2018Oak Park10Ball10:00 AM3Four Oaks TornadoesVSutton Utd Pumas
18/03/2018Oak Park10Ball8:40 AM1Colron BoysVSutton Utd Pumas
18/03/2018Oak Park10Ball8:40 AM2Phoenix UnitedVWalsall Wd AFC
18/03/2018Oak Park10Ball8:40 AM3Four Oaks TornadoesVWednesfield Aces
18/03/2018Oak Park10Ball8:40 AM4Sutton Utd PanthersVWalsall Wd Allstars
18/03/2018Oak Park10Ball9:20 AM1Brewood JuniorsVWalsall Wd AFC
18/03/2018Oak Park10Ball9:20 AM2Four Oaks TornadoesVWalsall Phnx Panthers
18/03/2018Oak Park10Ball9:20 AM3Phoenix UnitedVWednesfield Wolves
18/03/2018Oak Park10Ball9:20 AM4Colron BoysVWalsall Wd Allstars
18/03/2018Oak Park10Ball10:00 AM1Brewood JuniorsVSutton Utd Panthers
18/03/2018Oak Park10Ball10:00 AM2Sutton Utd PumasVWednesfield Aces
18/03/2018Oak Park10Ball10:00 AM3Walsall Phnx PanthersVWednesfield Wolves
25/02/2018Oak Park10Charlton10:00 AM4Norton CanesVSneyd All Strs Tigers
25/02/2018Oak Park10Charlton10:40 AM1New Park VillageVNorton Canes
25/02/2018Oak Park10Charlton10:40 AM2Cresswell WanderersVFour Oaks Panthers
25/02/2018Oak Park10Charlton10:40 AM3Sneyd All Strs TigersVSporting Khalsa
25/02/2018Oak Park10Charlton10:40 AM4Holy NameVLane Head Lions
25/02/2018Oak Park10Charlton11:20 AM1Bilston SportsVWalsall Phnx Tigers
25/02/2018Oak Park10Charlton11:20 AM2Four Oaks PanthersVHoly Name
25/02/2018Oak Park10Charlton11:20 AM3Sporting KhalsaVTipton Town
25/02/2018Oak Park10Charlton11:20 AM4Lane Head LionsVNew Park Village
25/02/2018Oak Park10Charlton12:00 PM1Bilston SportsVCresswell Wanderers
25/02/2018Oak Park10Charlton12:00 PM2Tipton TownVWalsall Phnx Tigers
04/03/2018Oak Park10Charlton10:00 AM4New Park VillageVSneyd All Strs Tigers
04/03/2018Oak Park10Charlton10:40 AM1Sporting KhalsaVWalsall Phnx Tigers
04/03/2018Oak Park10Charlton10:40 AM2Holy NameVNew Park Village
04/03/2018Oak Park10Charlton10:40 AM3Four Oaks PanthersVLane Head Lions
04/03/2018Oak Park10Charlton10:40 AM4Bilston SportsVTipton Town
04/03/2018Oak Park10Charlton11:20 AM1Cresswell WanderersVHoly Name
04/03/2018Oak Park10Charlton11:20 AM2Lane Head LionsVNorton Canes
04/03/2018Oak Park10Charlton11:20 AM3Sneyd All Strs TigersVTipton Town
04/03/2018Oak Park10Charlton11:20 AM4Bilston SportsVFour Oaks Panthers
04/03/2018Oak Park10Charlton12:00 PM1Cresswell WanderersVWalsall Phnx Tigers
04/03/2018Oak Park10Charlton12:00 PM2Norton CanesVSporting Khalsa
11/03/2018Oak Park10Charlton10:00 AM4Bilston SportsVHoly Name
11/03/2018Oak Park10Charlton10:40 AM1Bilston SportsVSporting Khalsa
11/03/2018Oak Park10Charlton10:40 AM2Holy NameVNorton Canes
11/03/2018Oak Park10Charlton10:40 AM3Lane Head LionsVSneyd All Strs Tigers
11/03/2018Oak Park10Charlton10:40 AM4Four Oaks PanthersVWalsall Phnx Tigers
11/03/2018Oak Park10Charlton11:20 AM1Sneyd All Strs TigersVWalsall Phnx Tigers
11/03/2018Oak Park10Charlton11:20 AM2New Park VillageVSporting Khalsa
11/03/2018Oak Park10Charlton11:20 AM3Cresswell WanderersVLane Head Lions
11/03/2018Oak Park10Charlton11:20 AM4Norton CanesVTipton Town
11/03/2018Oak Park10Charlton12:00 PM1Cresswell WanderersVTipton Town
11/03/2018Oak Park10Charlton12:00 PM2Four Oaks PanthersVNew Park Village
18/03/2018Oak Park10Charlton10:00 AM4New Park VillageVTipton Town
18/03/2018Oak Park10Charlton10:40 AM1Cresswell WanderersVNew Park Village
18/03/2018Oak Park10Charlton10:40 AM2Holy NameVSneyd All Strs Tigers
18/03/2018Oak Park10Charlton10:40 AM3Four Oaks PanthersVTipton Town
18/03/2018Oak Park10Charlton10:40 AM4Lane Head LionsVSporting Khalsa
18/03/2018Oak Park10Charlton11:20 AM1Bilston SportsVSneyd All Strs Tigers
18/03/2018Oak Park10Charlton11:20 AM2Four Oaks PanthersVNorton Canes
18/03/2018Oak Park10Charlton11:20 AM3Holy NameVWalsall Phnx Tigers
18/03/2018Oak Park10Charlton11:20 AM4Cresswell WanderersVSporting Khalsa
18/03/2018Oak Park10Charlton12:00 PM1Bilston SportsVLane Head Lions
18/03/2018Oak Park10Charlton12:00 PM2Norton CanesVWalsall Phnx Tigers
25/02/2018Silverdale FC10Hurst9:30 AM1Pelsall Villa ColtsVTipton Panthers
25/02/2018Silverdale FC10Hurst9:30 AM2Wyrley Jnrs PanthersVWyrley Jnrs Pumas
25/02/2018Silverdale FC10Hurst10:10 AM1Tipton PanthersVWyrley Jnrs Panthers
25/02/2018Silverdale FC10Hurst10:10 AM2Mahal FC WarriorsVPelsall Villa Colts
25/02/2018Silverdale FC10Hurst10:50 AM1Lane Head PythonsVMahal FC Warriors
25/02/2018Silverdale FC10Hurst10:50 AM2Wyrley Jnrs PumasVWyrley Jnrs Spartans
25/02/2018Silverdale FC10Hurst11:30 AM1Cannock Town ColtsVWyrley Jnrs Spartans
25/02/2018Silverdale FC10Hurst11:30 AM2Huntington HarriersVLane Head Pythons
25/02/2018Silverdale FC10Hurst12:10 PM1Great Barr HarriersVHuntington Harriers
25/02/2018Silverdale FC10Hurst12:10 PM2Cannock Town ColtsVFC Premier Colts
25/02/2018Silverdale FC10Hurst12:50 PM1FC Premier ColtsVGreat Barr Harriers
04/03/2018Silverdale FC10Hurst9:30 AM1Mahal FC WarriorsVTipton Panthers
04/03/2018Silverdale FC10Hurst9:30 AM2Cannock Town ColtsVWyrley Jnrs Pumas
04/03/2018Silverdale FC10Hurst10:10 AM1Tipton PanthersVWyrley Jnrs Pumas
04/03/2018Silverdale FC10Hurst10:10 AM2Huntington HarriersVMahal FC Warriors
04/03/2018Silverdale FC10Hurst10:50 AM1FC Premier ColtsVHuntington Harriers
04/03/2018Silverdale FC10Hurst10:50 AM2Cannock Town ColtsVGreat Barr Harriers
04/03/2018Silverdale FC10Hurst11:30 AM1Great Barr HarriersVLane Head Pythons
04/03/2018Silverdale FC10Hurst11:30 AM2FC Premier ColtsVWyrley Jnrs Spartans
04/03/2018Silverdale FC10Hurst12:10 PM1Wyrley Jnrs PanthersVWyrley Jnrs Spartans
04/03/2018Silverdale FC10Hurst12:10 PM2Lane Head PythonsVPelsall Villa Colts
04/03/2018Silverdale FC10Hurst12:50 PM1Pelsall Villa ColtsVWyrley Jnrs Panthers
11/03/2018Silverdale FC10Hurst9:30 AM1FC Premier ColtsVLane Head Pythons
11/03/2018Silverdale FC10Hurst9:30 AM2Tipton PanthersVWyrley Jnrs Spartans
11/03/2018Silverdale FC10Hurst10:10 AM1Lane Head PythonsVTipton Panthers
11/03/2018Silverdale FC10Hurst10:10 AM2FC Premier ColtsVWyrley Jnrs Pumas
11/03/2018Silverdale FC10Hurst10:50 AM1Pelsall Villa ColtsVWyrley Jnrs Pumas
11/03/2018Silverdale FC10Hurst10:50 AM2Great Barr HarriersVWyrley Jnrs Spartans
11/03/2018Silverdale FC10Hurst11:30 AM1Great Barr HarriersVMahal FC Warriors
11/03/2018Silverdale FC10Hurst11:30 AM2Huntington HarriersVPelsall Villa Colts
11/03/2018Silverdale FC10Hurst12:10 PM1Cannock Town ColtsVHuntington Harriers
11/03/2018Silverdale FC10Hurst12:10 PM2Mahal FC WarriorsVWyrley Jnrs Panthers
11/03/2018Silverdale FC10Hurst12:50 PM1Cannock Town ColtsVWyrley Jnrs Panthers
18/03/2018Silverdale FC10Hurst9:30 AM1Cannock Town ColtsVTipton Panthers
18/03/2018Silverdale FC10Hurst9:30 AM2Huntington HarriersVWyrley Jnrs Spartans
18/03/2018Silverdale FC10Hurst10:10 AM1Huntington HarriersVTipton Panthers
18/03/2018Silverdale FC10Hurst10:10 AM2Cannock Town ColtsVLane Head Pythons
18/03/2018Silverdale FC10Hurst10:50 AM1Lane Head PythonsVWyrley Jnrs Panthers
18/03/2018Silverdale FC10Hurst10:50 AM2Pelsall Villa ColtsVWyrley Jnrs Spartans
18/03/2018Silverdale FC10Hurst11:30 AM1Great Barr HarriersVPelsall Villa Colts
18/03/2018Silverdale FC10Hurst11:30 AM2FC Premier ColtsVWyrley Jnrs Panthers
18/03/2018Silverdale FC10Hurst12:10 PM1FC Premier ColtsVMahal FC Warriors
18/03/2018Silverdale FC10Hurst12:10 PM2Great Barr HarriersVWyrley Jnrs Pumas
18/03/2018Silverdale FC10Hurst12:50 PM1Mahal FC WarriorsVWyrley Jnrs Pumas
25/02/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Moore8:40 AM1Hamstead DiamondsVWyrley Jnrs Red Devils
25/02/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Moore8:40 AM2Colron AcesVSedgley White Lions E.
25/02/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Moore9:20 AM1Colron AcesVWyrley Jnrs Red Devils
25/02/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Moore9:20 AM2AFC WillenhallVHamstead Diamonds
25/02/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Moore10:00 AM1AFC WillenhallVPelsall Villa Clts Lions
25/02/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Moore10:00 AM2Beechdale JuniorsVSedgley White Lions E.
25/02/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Moore10:40 AM1Beechdale JuniorsVLane Head Pumas
25/02/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Moore10:40 AM2Bustlehome ColtsVPelsall Villa Clts Lions
25/02/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Moore11:20 AM1Bustlehome ColtsVSilverdale JFC
25/02/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Moore11:20 AM2Cresswll Wdrs AllstarsVWyrley Jnrs Tigers
25/02/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Moore12:00 PM1Lane Head PumasVWyrley Jnrs Tigers
25/02/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Moore12:00 PM2Cresswll Wdrs AllstarsVSilverdale JFC
04/03/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Moore8:40 AM1Sedgley White Lions E.VSilverdale JFC
04/03/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Moore8:40 AM2Bustlehome ColtsVColron Aces
04/03/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Moore9:20 AM1Colron AcesVSilverdale JFC
04/03/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Moore9:20 AM2Bustlehome ColtsVSedgley White Lions E.
04/03/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Moore10:00 AM1Wyrley Jnrs Red DevilsVWyrley Jnrs Tigers
04/03/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Moore10:00 AM2Cresswll Wdrs AllstarsVHamstead Diamonds
04/03/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Moore10:40 AM1Hamstead DiamondsVWyrley Jnrs Tigers
04/03/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Moore10:40 AM2Cresswll Wdrs AllstarsVWyrley Jnrs Red Devils
04/03/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Moore11:20 AM1AFC WillenhallVLane Head Pumas
04/03/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Moore11:20 AM2Beechdale JuniorsVPelsall Villa Clts Lions
04/03/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Moore12:00 PM1AFC WillenhallVBeechdale Juniors
04/03/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Moore12:00 PM2Lane Head PumasVPelsall Villa Clts Lions
11/03/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Moore8:40 AM1Cresswll Wdrs AllstarsVPelsall Villa Clts Lions
11/03/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Moore8:40 AM2Beechdale JuniorsVWyrley Jnrs Red Devils
11/03/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Moore9:20 AM1Beechdale JuniorsVCresswll Wdrs Allstars
11/03/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Moore9:20 AM2Pelsall Villa Clts LionsVWyrley Jnrs Red Devils
11/03/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Moore10:00 AM1Hamstead DiamondsVSedgley White Lions E.
11/03/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Moore10:00 AM2Bustlehome ColtsVWyrley Jnrs Tigers
11/03/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Moore10:40 AM1Bustlehome ColtsVHamstead Diamonds
11/03/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Moore10:40 AM2Sedgley White Lions E.VWyrley Jnrs Tigers
11/03/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Moore11:20 AM1Lane Head PumasVSilverdale JFC
11/03/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Moore11:20 AM2AFC WillenhallVColron Aces
11/03/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Moore12:00 PM1AFC WillenhallVSilverdale JFC
11/03/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Moore12:00 PM2Colron AcesVLane Head Pumas
18/03/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Moore8:40 AM1AFC WillenhallVBustlehome Colts
18/03/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Moore8:40 AM2Cresswll Wdrs AllstarsVLane Head Pumas
18/03/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Moore9:20 AM1Lane Head PumasVSedgley White Lions E.
18/03/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Moore9:20 AM2AFC WillenhallVWyrley Jnrs Red Devils
18/03/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Moore10:00 AM1Sedgley White Lions E.VWyrley Jnrs Red Devils
18/03/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Moore10:00 AM2Bustlehome ColtsVCresswll Wdrs Allstars
18/03/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Moore10:40 AM1Beechdale JuniorsVColron Aces
18/03/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Moore10:40 AM2Silverdale JFCVWyrley Jnrs Tigers
18/03/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Moore11:20 AM1Colron AcesVHamstead Diamonds
18/03/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Moore11:20 AM2Pelsall Villa Clts LionsVSilverdale JFC
18/03/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Moore12:00 PM1Hamstead DiamondsVPelsall Villa Clts Lions
18/03/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Moore12:00 PM2Beechdale JuniorsVWyrley Jnrs Tigers
25/02/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Wilson8:40 AM3Four Oaks WarriorsVWalsall Wd Saints
25/02/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Wilson8:40 AM4FC NewlandsVSneyd All Stars Harriers
25/02/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Wilson9:20 AM3FC NewlandsVWalsall Wd Saints
25/02/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Wilson9:20 AM4Beacon Lions FCVFour Oaks Warriors
25/02/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Wilson10:00 AM3Beacon Lions FCVSilverdale Lions
25/02/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Wilson10:00 AM4Beacon Lions JnrsVSneyd All Stars Harriers
25/02/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Wilson10:40 AM3Beacon Lions JnrsVRising Stars FC
25/02/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Wilson10:40 AM4Brownhills CC RedsVSilverdale Lions
25/02/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Wilson11:20 AM3Brownhills CC RedsVTipton Youth
25/02/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Wilson11:20 AM4FC PremierVWyrley Jnrs All Stars
25/02/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Wilson12:00 PM3Rising Stars FCVWyrley Jnrs All Stars
25/02/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Wilson12:00 PM4FC PremierVTipton Youth
04/03/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Wilson8:40 AM3Sneyd All Stars HarriersVTipton Youth
04/03/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Wilson8:40 AM4Brownhills CC RedsVFC Newlands
04/03/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Wilson9:20 AM3FC NewlandsVTipton Youth
04/03/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Wilson9:20 AM4Brownhills CC RedsVSneyd All Stars Harriers
04/03/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Wilson10:00 AM3Walsall Wd SaintsVWyrley Jnrs All Stars
04/03/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Wilson10:00 AM4FC PremierVFour Oaks Warriors
04/03/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Wilson10:40 AM3Four Oaks WarriorsVWyrley Jnrs All Stars
04/03/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Wilson10:40 AM4FC PremierVWalsall Wd Saints
04/03/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Wilson11:20 AM3Beacon Lions FCVRising Stars FC
04/03/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Wilson11:20 AM4Beacon Lions JnrsVSilverdale Lions
04/03/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Wilson12:00 PM3Beacon Lions FCVBeacon Lions Jnrs
04/03/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Wilson12:00 PM4Rising Stars FCVSilverdale Lions
11/03/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Wilson8:40 AM3FC PremierVSilverdale Lions
11/03/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Wilson8:40 AM4Beacon Lions JnrsVWalsall Wd Saints
11/03/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Wilson9:20 AM3Beacon Lions JnrsVFC Premier
11/03/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Wilson9:20 AM4Silverdale LionsVWalsall Wd Saints
11/03/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Wilson10:00 AM3Four Oaks WarriorsVSneyd All Stars Harriers
11/03/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Wilson10:00 AM4Brownhills CC RedsVWyrley Jnrs All Stars
11/03/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Wilson10:40 AM3Brownhills CC RedsVFour Oaks Warriors
11/03/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Wilson10:40 AM4Sneyd All Stars HarriersVWyrley Jnrs All Stars
11/03/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Wilson11:20 AM3Rising Stars FCVTipton Youth
11/03/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Wilson11:20 AM4Beacon Lions FCVFC Newlands
11/03/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Wilson12:00 PM3Beacon Lions FCVTipton Youth
11/03/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Wilson12:00 PM4FC NewlandsVRising Stars FC
18/03/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Wilson8:40 AM3Beacon Lions FCVBrownhills CC Reds
18/03/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Wilson8:40 AM4FC PremierVRising Stars FC
18/03/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Wilson9:20 AM3Rising Stars FCVSneyd All Stars Harriers
18/03/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Wilson9:20 AM4Beacon Lions FCVWalsall Wd Saints
18/03/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Wilson10:00 AM3Sneyd All Stars HarriersVWalsall Wd Saints
18/03/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Wilson10:00 AM4Brownhills CC RedsVFC Premier
18/03/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Wilson10:40 AM3Beacon Lions JnrsVFC Newlands
18/03/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Wilson10:40 AM4Tipton YouthVWyrley Jnrs All Stars
18/03/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Wilson11:20 AM3FC NewlandsVFour Oaks Warriors
18/03/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Wilson11:20 AM4Silverdale LionsVTipton Youth
18/03/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Wilson12:00 PM3Four Oaks WarriorsVSilverdale Lions
18/03/2018Wolvhmptn Uni10Wilson12:00 PM4Beacon Lions JnrsVWyrley Jnrs All Stars